Mystic Mountain Railroad
2020 Construction

During COVID times (2020) I was able to build onto the railroad thanks to a gift from a friend of five code 250 turnouts and a bunch of code 250 track (used). The turnouts were handlaid and spiked on wood ties attached to wood bases - plywood and 2-by lumber. Although I had not been planning an expansion, when all this track fell into my lap . . .  I set about to find locations on the RR that could benefit (or just plain "fit") another industry spur. My first effort was to convert the Outaluck Team Track from spur to siding extending its length by about 7' and using it for an as-yet-unnamed industry. This has the added advantage of allowing car movement for both industries from either end of the siding.

Overhead view of Outaluck with existing Team Track on left

My first thought was to remove and clean the rails, discard the wood, and mount the rails on PC ties which themselves were mounted on an acrylic sheet.
Original turnout
The turnout I needed required a slightly curved turnout

The turnout rails are soldered in place on PC ties.
Both rails have been bent to the required radii

The frog is the last element to be placed. Placement is very critical.

Completed turnout is in place and ballasted

Gap to be crossed; eventual location of new industry

Acrylic trestle is constructed to fill the gap

Completed siding

The second addition was a spur to service a mill. The mill with stream and waterwheel has been on the RR from the beginning. But now it will have a purpose and generate traffic for the RR. Instead of mounting the PC ties to an Acrylic sheet, I just soldered them to the rails. Then I glued plastic ties to the bottom to make them look more realistic. This spur can hold two cars.

Molly's Mill

Turnout remade with PC ties but not mounted on Acrylic

Completed spur to Molly's Mill

And I have three more switches!

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