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 ***  All batteries in the photos have now been replaced with Lithium Ion

Bachmann 4-6-0 tender with Aristo on-board TE installed.

Batteries fit under coal load once it is raised 1/4" - 3/8".
New sides raise coal load. Real coal glued on - big improvement over plastic molded coal load.
Water hatch covers battery charging jacks.
Batteries use standard connectors and can be swapped out in a minute, when in a hurry.

Aristo TE with sound interface and SoundTraxx unit are mounted on floor of tender. 
Top of tender has battery charging connectors in water hatch (left side).
This is a good time to upgrade the speaker for better sound

Battery car uses a pair of 9.6V Makita NiMH tool batteries.
Roof charging jacks allow 1-2 hour charge or overnight ripple charging.
Batteries can be swapped in a minute when in a hurry.
With both the tender and battery car fully charged, about 3-4 hours of operation are possible.

Electronics schematic diagram

Locolinc/SoundTraxx installation for Bachmann 0-4-0 in trailing box car (Hartford). Locolinc has since been replaced by Revolution.

Locolinc is in upper left with receiver below it; SoundTraxx is in lower left., mounted on a shelf with speaker mounted to floor underneath.
Battery charging jacks are accessible behind door(under lower battery shown here).
Everything is a tight fit in this 1:24 box car, but this dimnutive car looks just right with the engine and the rest of the train.

Aristo Revolution installed in Bachmann 10-Wheeler

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